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7 Mar

Scrutinize scope of business media studies


The skills gained on a media studies degree combined with personal determination will help you to succeed in the competitive creative industries. Jobs directly related to your degree include: Media planner, Multimedia specialist, Program researcher, broadcasting/film/video, Public relations officer, Runner, broadcasting/film/video, Social media manager, Television/film/video producer, Web content manager etc. Business Media studies can be useful in a range of careers including marketing, sales and advertising, broadcast media and performing arts, journalism, publishing, sports and tourism.

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Skills and qualities achieved by studying business media studies are teamwork spirit as you need to be able to listen to other team members and take on board each other’s opinions and ideas. You may need particular technical skills and special knowledge of how things work or need to be designed and built. Problem solving skill is most significant because some jobs particularly require problem solving skills and creative thinking to recognize problems and their causes, to identify a range of possible solutions then assess and decide the best way forward. You’ll be able to manage your time efficiently and make deadlines. You’ll able to plan and schedule work, this could include being able to prioritize what needs to be done and by when. You can improve your Communication as your job requires verbal communication you may need to write or give speeches and presentations.

Written communication skills also can be improved, as you need to write clearly and convincingly – you could be producing or dealing with legal documents or writing articles for a newspaper. Improve your listening skills, the ability to negotiate or to be persuasive. You may need specific artistic or design skills for a job, or you may need to draw on a good imagination to come up with creative solutions to business challenges business media studies will help you with it. You need to know and do what is expected of you. This ranges from organising yourself, being on time, to being responsible. Some jobs need particular discipline skills such as being able to persevere with the task and plans until you accomplish them or following strict procedures.

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