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ELF(Earn with Learn to Future)

  • 10.00 am - 4.00 pm
  • ADWAY Tower, Malappuram , Kerala
what is elf?

Earn with Learn to Future (ELF) is a part time marketing course for students who are interested to learn and work in the marketing field. The course ensures candidates to develop marketing skills, sales growth and customer relation with expert’s training and supervision. This is a professional course designed by Ad&Way for the students of business institutions or colleges. ELF has three phases according to the candidate’s year of study. Students have an opportunity to practice their theoretical knowledge in marketing to create a strong professional base. The course generates an early earning tendency in students and also encourage them to improve themselves.

Scope of elf

  • 01. Candidates get practical experience in marketing.
  • 02. Expert’s training sessionss.
  • 03. Up-to-date feedback and SWOT analysis on candidate’s performance.
  • 04. Market research and analytical skill development.
  • 05. Opportunity to earn during academics.
  • 06.Marketing skill development and personality development programmes.
  • 07. Floor to interact with experienced professionals and business people.
  • 08. Opportunity to earn during academics.

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